San Francisco is a city well known for its unique adventure, events, and culture. It is even better than for the city, the events are on an annual rotation attracting many people both residents and visitors. This article will highlight the major annual events happening in San Francisco. Keep in mind, if you’re from out of town and traveling for one of these events, parking can be packed. Auto Towing in San Francisco let us know to be aware of all the street signs and don’t double park. Fines are steep in SF for parking violations.pride parade sf annual events

Pride parade one of SF most famous annual events

It is described as the biggest parade by the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender community in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is a tradition in the city that celebrates the culture and tradition of the LGBT community. The celebrations usually begin on a Saturday and go on for a full weekend every year in June. The celebrations culminate with a parade on Sunday morning of the weekend the celebrations are held.

Cherry Blossom Celebrations

Another major historical place in San Francisco is a Japanese town. It is the historical headquarters for people of Japanese origin in the city. It plays host to the annual cherry blossom festival, one of the most colorful celebrations in the city. The festivals draw over 200,000 people who come out to witness a display of the Japanese tradition and culture. As a result, the celebration is graced with a grand parade with cultural performances, live bands, martial arts displays among other cultural activities. The festivals began in San Francisco in 1967 and happen in April.

Chinese New Year Celebration

One of the renowned historical sites in San Francisco is Chinatown. Its main purpose is to preserve and nurturing the rich Asian cultural heritage. The Chinese New Year is among the biggest holidays for the Asian community and thus a major event in Chinatown. The tradition is celebrated every year accompanied by other events across San Francisco Bay Area. The exact timing of the event, however, varies each year but generally occurs at the beginning of February. It starts around 10 am and runs to around 2 pm. The celebrations witness several bands and costumed people marching in masses across the town in the company of very colorful dragons. The majority of the people are of Asian origin. Very many residents and tourists, however, have become lovers of the event.

Alice Summerthing

Each year, Alice, the Bay Area radio station holds a big concert in the Golden Gate Park to welcome summer. This free concert has given the many San Francisco artists great support as they are featured. The concert not only features the big artists but also gives new talent a platform to shine. This event is not restrictive of age and thus pulls large crowds each year. The concert brings people together to relax and just have a good time.

Folsom street fair

Folsom street hosts this unique and exclusive leather event that happens in San Francisco each year. The event brings together fetish enthusiasts with exhibition booths that showcase fetish toys and gear. As a result, the event is likely to freak very many people. Due to its nature, children are not allowed to attend the fair.

Chinatown is an interesting part of San Francisco. Check the article out to find out some more information about this small part of SF.