San Francisco travelSan Francisco has earned its other title as the city by the bay making it become among the most visited cities in the United States. The city is packed with a lot of fun whereby there is an activity befitting each group of travel individuals. Ranging from the parks filled with redwood trees to a rugged coastline including streets filled with activity, it is quite easy on the eyes. Additionally services are rated at quite a reasonable rate for any traveler to get the best experience.

Golden Bridge gate view

The site of the bridge from the Baker beach gives an absolute must see for any visitor of San Francisco. The bridge gives the bay an iconic view with a chilly breeze from the chilly pacific. However there is quite a range of places from where the bridge can be viewed despite this being among the favorites. The beach gives one a feel of the Pacific by dipping your toes in water close to the bridge. Additional consideration can be made into making it a picnic site by laying down a blanket or even enjoy meals from the local market.

Mission Murals

The history of the community is usually embedded in art and culture of the particular neighborhood such as the one in San Francisco. Museums display the art however at a price making the mission neighborhood a favorite. The street is filled with cultural artifacts and street art that display the history of the community.

Treasure Island

Despite the name, it is not really a place to find treasures. Instead it is attractive for its fantastic view of the bay around and the city altogether. For anyone looking for a fantastic location to get awesome photos, the place offers picturesque view just a short ride on the Bay Bridge. Additionally one could go round an old military base within at the Bay while getting the great views of the island.

California Academy of Sciences

The academy boasts to be among the best museum in San Francisco with a cool display of educational fun for everyone. Exhibits that are science based are well displayed in a manner to attract all ages. The academy’s nightlife for the crowd of 21 and over is a fun filled with multiples of activities to engage in. There are delicious cocktails and live music usually on Thursday nights whereby the exhibits can be enjoyed with the fun filled activities in the museum. Are you traveling first time to San Francisco City, California, read San Francisco visitor’s guide written by a local guide to learn in detail what you should do to make your journey wonderful.