San Francisco’s ChinatownThe Chinatown of San Francisco is the most densely populated area in Western Manhattan. Almost all the residents here are Chinese who hardly speak English. This area is the most poorly developed in San Francisco with an annual average income of about $20,000. Most of the residents here stay on residential hotels and single rooms. There are several ways of exploring Chinatown. Most visitors go to the picturesque tourist street, Grant Avenue and the shops. Below are some interesting places to visit in Chinatown.

The Chinatown Gate

The Chinatown Dragon Gate is the main entrance of Chinatown. This gate is on Bush Street where the Grant Avenue leads you to the hub of Chinatown. The gate is well decorated by opportune dragons, koi fish and guarded by stone lions. This gate was given by Taiwan as a gift in 1969.

Grant Avenue

Grant Avenue is a street running along the Chinatown Street. Most businesses that attract tourists are based here. It is decorated in a gaudy manner with red lanterns, Chinese lamp posts, Chinese-styled buildings and other decors. Most gift shops are found on this street and it is very suitable for strolling.

Sing Fat and Sing Chong

Sing fat and Sing Chong are buildings that face each other at the California and Grant junction. After the 1906 earthquake, these buildings were the first ones to be constructed in Chinatown. They were built in a haste so as to attract tourists to Chinatown and that is why they were constructed in a Chinese style.

Chinatown Shops

There is a wide variety of shopping ideas to choose from here, ranging from high-end items to low bargains. One does not necessarily have to purchase anything because it is also fun to window shop here. As earlier discussed, majority of the gift shops are found on Grant Avenue, with most produce markets found along Stockton Street. However, it is important to visit the alleys and side streets as well.

Stockton Street

Most Chinese residents do their shopping in Stockton Street. This street is parallel to Grant Avenue. The prices here are low and the ambience is originally China. Stockton Street has intensively diverted into a different culture because anyone visiting here feels as though they have actually left the U.S and visited China. The produce markets found here are enjoyable to explore. Please check the San Francisco travel guide to make sure you know well before you visit to this city because there are endless things to explore.